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Face body brush-sponge Japanese Hemp fiber wet/dry-wash off cellulite


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Production lead time: is 5 - 15 days.

Natural Japanese hemp fiber bath sponge wet and dry wash.
This Japanese Sisal fiber bath sponge is great to exfoliate the whole body, but most of all to remove ingrown hairs and fight cellulite thanks to its massaging and invigorating properties. The sisal bath sponge is commonly used in the shower as a wet bath-sponge.

The natural exfoliating power of Sisal will improve blood flow, improving the removal of toxins from your skin and energizing your body from head to feet. Sisal products are 100% natural, highly sustainable and Eco-friendly method of brushing away cellulite.  

Natural Sisal fibers can be used for a wet massage, to revitalize and stimulate the circulation, opening the pores of your skin to let them absorb more oxygen, while providing a deep cleansing for healthier and younger looking skin. It is also helpful in preventing ingrown hairs.

How to use: Put just a few drops of your favorite soap on the sisal sponge and gently start to rub body skin. Rinse well after every use and let it dry in a well-ventilated place. The soap residue inside the sponge can compromise and damage it.

Normal and Oily skin: Use two times a week. Do not use on really sensitive, damaged or irritated skin. Not for kids.
Suggestions: change the item every 4/6 months of frequent use.
Details: 100% Sisal fiber.
Approximate size: cm. 10-12 diameter.

How to keep sanitary:
Do not wash in washing machine when necessary you can leave the sponge for a couple of hours in lukewarm water with a spoon of baking soda, rinse well and let it dry. The item will be as new and disinfected.

Wet & Dry Japanese sisal brushes, having the best of both worlds for your skin care both wet and dry.